A message from Ralph Lowen, founder:

I was recently talking to a friend at a funeral, and she said “I wish I had asked…” This started me thinking: What do we miss when we don’t have an opportunity to ask questions of our family members at critical points in their lives? What do we want to pass on to future generations? What do we hope to learn from those who came before us? How much of our individual strength comes from knowing our family stories, and also from passing these stories and experiences on?

With these questions in mind, I began I Wish I Had Asked, to give families the opportunity to share their stories and history, and to ask questions that they perhaps never had the chance to raise.

IWIHA is (for now) focused on cancer patients. My wife is a radiation oncologist and has seen how the diagnosis of cancer creates an awareness of life and a vulnerability that few other events bring home. As we expend IWIHA, this will be available to care centers and patients from a range of backgrounds.
– Ralph Lowen